You are at RGV's Killing Veerappan runs into legal trouble!

RGV's Killing Veerappan runs into legal trouble!

Looks like Ram Gopal Varma's woes are never ending. A petition has been filed at the Madras High Court seeking a stay on the release of the film Killing Veerappan. The film is said to be based on the life of the notorious forest brigand and sandalwood smuggler Veerappan and the operation to capture him.But the petitioner, a Panneerselvam hailing from a village in Salem district of Tamil Nadu, thinks otherwise.

She alleges that the movie is filled with false information. She goes further and says that this movie might actually cause a law and order problem in the state. According to the petitioner, the film shows Tamil people in bad light. Moreover, the film shows women in a degrading manner. Also, it seems that the upcoming film depicts that only Karnataka police took action to capture or kill the brigand when in reality, the operation was carried jointly by two state governments. Adding to the allegations is that the flick depicts Veerappan's wife killing many people and showing the Tamil Nadu police and politicians negatively.

Killing Veerappan is set to release in multiple languages which are Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. In light of this entire ruckus, this controversy may actually be good for the film as it provides free publicity. As for the charges, it is hard to imagine how the petitioner came to these conclusions before the movie is even released.

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