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Arjun is My Super Hero!

Charlotte Claire, who will make her acting debut in Jai Hind 2, is all praise for her co-star and director Arjun. "I couldn't have asked for a better debut than this. It was a fabulous experience to work with Arjun, who's so passionate about his work. He was juggling between acting and direction and despite all that, he made sure that we were all comfortable on the sets. Besides, the film is going to release in three languages. There's plenty of action throughout the film and I just hope that people like my work as well," she says.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Charlotte credits her sister Sophia for inspiring her to take up acting. "My sister is a successful model and I just followed her footsteps. Acting has always been my passion and I love entertaining people through films," Charlotte confesses, adding, "In this film, I play a girl next door, who's very chirpy and bubbly. I could relate to the role quite easily."
Ask her if she has had her share of adrenaline pumping moments, considering that the film is being touted as an action drama, the actress says, "I am quite an adrenaline junkie and I'm very passionate about sports cars and bikes. However, after acting in this film, I am dreading the thought of speed. We were shooting in Bangkok where Arjun was driving a car and I was sitting next to him. I had no clue what we were supposed to do and all of a sudden, I saw a dead end right in front of me and I freaked out that we are going to crash; however, Arjun managed to control the car just in the nick of time. He's my superhero. I'll never forget that incident."

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