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Pawan kalyan Record in Twitter

Pawan Kalyan is officially on twitter now

Beating the likes of Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachhan and Sachin Tendulkar, Telugu star Pawan Kalyan has now stood at first place in terms of the number of followers a celebrity amasses on First Day of his joining on the twitter.

Within 12 hours of his arrival on Twitter, Pawan Kalyan managed to get 55.5K followers, while the record for 2nd and 3rd best lies with Amir Khan (46K) and Amitabh Bachhan (35K followers) on their debut day on micro blogging site. It is Superstar Rajnikanth who is the No.1 in India with record number of 2,15,000 followers on his day of joining twitter. For now, Pawan has settled down for second place.

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