You are at Shruti Haasan’s ‘Bablu’ saves her life

Shruti Haasan’s ‘Bablu’ saves her life

Are you wondering who is Bablu? Well, it is none other than Arjun Kapoor. 

Shruti was recently shooting an item song for Arjun's Tevar when she took a fondness for him. She finds Arjun to be very simple and sweet and was adamant about nicknaming him Bablu. Throughout the shoot, she called him 'Bablu' occasionally shifting to 'Pawam' in Tamil. On Sunday, they were dancing with real horses around them, when one of the horses that had his face towards Shruti, all of a sudden decided to turn his back against her, almost about to kick her, when Bablu saw this and pushed her away in full filmi style, saving her from getting hurt.

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