You are at Samantha Charged 10Lakhs For 2 Mins?

Samantha Charged 10Lakhs For 2 Mins?

Now a day's its quite common in film industry that top actors and actresses are getting huge remunerations for commercials and endorsements than their films. 

In this list our Bollywood actors and actresses are in top positions but our south beauty Samantha beat them all by charging 10Lakhs for just 2mins. Don't get astonished its true!!! If we go in detail, gorgeous Samantha is one of the leading actresses in south, she charges more than 1.5 cr as her remuneration and Samantha is tagged as a lucky charm for many south heroes. 

Last week, Samantha walked on ramp for 2 minutes during a fashion show and we heard news that this actress got 10 lakhs her remuneration for that 2 mins ramp walk. A leading garment company had a deal with Samantha as she is signed as their brand ambassador. 

She got these 10 lakhs apart from her agreement with them. So, we need to wait and see how our remaining actresses will charging after knowing about Sam's return for 2 mins ramp walk!!!

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