You are at Samantha revealed her marriage plan

Samantha revealed her marriage plan

Gorgeous beauty Samantha is known for her steep career.Samantha says that marriage shouldn't be delayed even though projects would be on hand. She feels that thirty is the correct time to any heroine to stop her acting career and concentrate on her private life with husband, children and so on. She feels that the heroines shouldn't think about fans dying listening to her marriage date and be going on in life. 

Now she makes some tricky statement that, no matter how much Yoga one does in life, they shouldn't delay their marriage scientifically. Is she targeting Anushka, once a Yoga teacher?  Well, seems like that because Anushka has no time at all to think about her personal life due to her heavy loaded schedule. So, Sam once again keeps her toes on and make comments that seem to make her more controversial. So, what do you think about it?

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