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Cracks widen between AP and Telangana Film Chambers

All's not well between the AP Film Chamber of Commerce (APFCC) and the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce, if the recent turn of events are anything to go by. While the latter has been striving to form a separate entity for the past few months, the latest bone of contention between the two is the proposal to rename AP Film Chamber of Commerce as Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, apart from differences over where the next General Body meeting should be held.

At an executive committee meeting held in Hyderabad last month, the AP Film Chamber of Commerce had decided to hold its next General Body meeting in Visakhapatnam on September 26. However, this decision hasn't gone well with the Telangana producers,which led them to stage a protest. Producers from Telangana argue that if the meeting is held in Hyderabad, heads of both the organisations can discuss the issues and sort them out amicably.

"If the meeting is held in Hyderabad, the AP Film Chamber is apprehensive that their proposal, to change the name of the Chamber to Telugu film Chamber of Commerce, could disrupt the proceedings.Moreover, the last General Body meeting was held in the Andhra region and holding another meeting in the same region is really unfair and it's hurting us.We have raised objections at the executive committee meeting last month over these decisions,but they turned a deaf ear to our plea," says M Vijayender Reddy, President of Telangana Film Chamber of
Commerce, about the issue.

Commenting about the decision to hold the EC meeting in Vizag, Burugupalli Sivaramakrishna, President, Telugu Film Producers Council says that the committee decides the venue of the meeting. "General Body meetings are held in cities like Vizag, Tirupati, and Vijayawada and as a member everyone is supposed to come. Moreover, APFCC consists of distributors,producers,
exhibitors and several others from studio sector, etc.So,we need to cater to the stakeholders from all the regions. It's the committee, which consists of members from all the regions,which decides where the meeting has to be conducted and this time,we have zeroed in on Vizag."

Meanwhile, Telangana producers have also urged that the procedure of renaming of AP Film Chamber of Commerce should be put on hold for the time being. Sana Yadi Reddy, president, Telangana Producers Council, questions the whole idea of change in name of the APFCC. "I strongly oppose the move to change the name to Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce because I don't see any immediate need for it. When the united AP was formed in 1956, why did these people not name it as Telugu Film Chamber back then?" questions Yadi Reddy, adding, "We are hoping that the APFCC responds positively on these two issues or we shall intensify our protests till we get justice."

However, Sivaramakrishna defends the decision to rename APFCC saying, "TFPC has been in existence since a long time and in line with that, they want to rename it to Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce. We did not object when Hyderabad State Film Chamber of Commerce was renamed as Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce. So how can one association interfere in the issues of another? We made it very clear that the AP Film Chamber is abiding by the rules and regulations of the state government. We are here only to do business and not play politics," adds Sivaramakrishna.

As of now, there seems to be no signs of the deadlock ending.

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