You are at Muddha Mandaram to be aired from Nov 17

Muddha Mandaram to be aired from Nov 17

Mudda Mandharam is one of the greatest creation of versatile director Jandyala.Durga (Purnima) belongs to a very poor family.She lives with her step mother and her grandfather.Pradeep has just returned from foreign after completing his studies.He accidently meets Durga and both fall in love with each other.But Pradeep's father is against this marriage as he wants his daughter in law to be from a higher class family.But Pradeep and Durga marry each other with the help of her grand father.After marriage tehy both run away and start a new living.

But Durga's uncle finds their address and tries to kill Pradeep.Durga and Pradeep are running away from him.Will Durga and Pradeep's love prevail? Will they be able to win over all the evils.Watch it out in the movie Mudda Mandaram

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