You are at Akhil's Comment On Mega Hero Gangleader Pic!!

Akhil's Comment On Mega Hero Gangleader Pic!!

With one eyebrow raised and staring rather heroic, that particular expression of Megastar Chiranjeevi from "Gangleader" became so iconic that even many other heroes tried the same. But we have to talk about cute kid Varun Tej, back then, posed like Megastar in same way.

Sharing a picture where he posed that way, Varun Tej tweeted, "Was trying to imitate Megastar from Gangleader #majorthrowback#childhood".

As many celebs started reacting and replying to this cute picture, youngster hero Akhil also made a comment. He's rather praising Varun Tej, saying "See I knew you were always dramatic !!"

In reply to Akhil's comment, Varun Tej said, "Hence the choice of profession!"

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