You are at Sunny Vs Poonam -The Sheer Difference

Sunny Vs Poonam -The Sheer Difference

'Dirty' is the word that comes to minds when we think about hotties like Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey. One being a former porn star and another one a bare-skinned celebrity on twitter, both of them invite loads of passionate attention from youths. But there is a sheer difference between the two, due to which one of them is a superstar.

Already Sunny Leone has 3-4 four Bollywood films under her kitty including a couple of big hits. Currently she is touring the US of A along with pop singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, where he's reciting chartbusters while Sunny will shake her booty to them. Down south too, Sunny made her presence felt in three tinsel towns. After sizzling in an item number in Tamil film 'Vada Curry', she will soon seen in Telugu film Manoj's Current Teega in a special role. Also she has done another sizzling item performance for a Kannada movie. On the flip side, Poonam Pandey's one and only film 'Nasha' bombed and she is workless at the moment. 

Beautiful Sunny Leone left her past behind and behaving more like a Bollywood superstar. She is seen dressed in a fashionable way at events, and limits her skin show only to silver screen. However Poonam Pandey is more of an exhibitionist turning twitter timeline into a b-grade porn website. Going heavily glamorous off the screen makes one lose interest on them. That's explains the difference.

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