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Charan Emotional Comments on Pawan!

Ram Charan, the Mega Power Star of Tollywood made sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan in Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham Audio Launch last night. Charan expressed his love and told that even he is expecting that Pawan Kalyan will be coming to them soon.  

Charan said that even he a great fan of Pawan and if given a chance even he wouldn't hesitate to shout out like any other fan "Power Star"! This made fans feel pleasant that there is not too much distance between them and they might patch up soon! He said that there is no need of telling our love publicly about Pawan. 

Charan questioned fans "Do you often tell your love for your mother publicly? Will it be clear only if you say it out publicly? So the same is with our family, we love each other so much and need not actually tell it publicly, we love him from the deep of our hearts." 

Even when Allu Arjun was talking the crowd yelled Power Star and Bunny shouted Power Star for two times making it clear that they all still love Pawan Kalyan. So, even after this, will Pawan change his mind and go have a hug with their family? Will the Mega family add on Power?

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