You are at Senior Naresh Gets Very Busy As Character Artist

Senior Naresh Gets Very Busy As Character Artist


Age is no way going to be a hurdle to cross when one has sincere approach and undying enthusiasm to excel in the chosen field. Off late, senior actor Naresh is drifting into a wide variety of characters imprinting a special mark of his own in every characterization offered.

For example, the recently released 'Guntur Talkies' movie stands as epitome of his ease and dedication towards his profession. Despite critics might have panned the film for overdose adult or say bold content, it's really shocking to see Naresh leading the show from front in capturing a stunning Box Office success.

At an age when many artists remain composed and cautious in choosing the characters, Naresh is really composing history of his own style.Reports say Naresh is playing full length roles in Trivikram Srinivas 'A… Aa,' Sunil 'Veedu Gold Yehey' and 'Appudala Ippudila.'

With versatile selection and never sinking demand for talented artists in Telugu industry, Naresh is rated as busiest character artist in Tollywood for now. Hope, he continues with same vigor.

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