You are at Stunt Master Siva As Director!

Stunt Master Siva As Director!

Famous stunt master turns director

Stunt-master 'Stunt' Siva who is quite popular for choreographing fights and action sequences for star Telugu heroes is now switching the calls. Yes, he will be now calling shots from Director's chair rather as stunt master.

Produced and directed by himself, this film will have his two sons Kevin and Steven in the leads. The flick will be on the lines of Hollywood's super hit film “Karate Kid" and is written by his wife Lany Hau. Along with Tamil dialogue writer Madan Karky, she is co-writing dialogues also. As Siva's sons are thorough martial arts experts, he has casted them in the lead.

Yamadonga, Souryam and Anjaan are some of the famous movies that have Stunt Siva choreographing the action sequences.

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