You are at Media Problems For Kajal

Media Problems For Kajal

After Sneha and Prabhas, it is Kajal Agarwal!

Sneha and Prabhas are the most haunted actors in South India by few media segments. Sneha's pregnancy turned to be a hot topic and media showers this question atleast once when it interacts with Sneha. Similarly, the marriage of Prabhas is a big discussion point in Tollywood media.

The latest one to join the list is Kajal Agarwal. It seems that she was being shot with the marriage questions once in a while, when she interacts with the media. The frequency got increased in the recent times and Kajal Agarwal might have got frustrated with the rumors rounding on her marriage.

She finally came on to the media and stated that she is not in love with anyone and she didn't find her Mr.Perfect. She further revealed that she will surely get married some day and she won't feel like being alone. When the time comes, Kajal Agarwal stated that she will reveal her plans to the media.

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