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Anjanna set to give top Bollywood actresses a run for their money

Anjanaa Bhattacharya is all set to give A-cat Bollywood actresses like Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and bombshells like Sunny Leone, Nargris Fakri, etc a run for their money. Anjanna shot an ultra-hot shoot with photographer Frank Franklyn for her film Love & Passion recently. The photo shoot was co-cordinated by Bollywood portal. 

Meanwhile, while director David S Wolfe has very vocally denied that there are no nude scenes in his crossover film Love & Passion, starring Bollywood actress Anjanaa Bhattacharya, a little birdie says otherwise. According to our sources, actress Anjanaa’s nude pix from the Hollywood film Love & Passion were leaked and released on Bollywood content website. The director of the film David S Wolfe was understandably angry and went out of his way to deny the existence of any nudity in the film. The point is – Did Anjana B pose nude? Or are the photographs fake? And either way, who first got hold of these photographs.  

Anjanaa Bhattacharya has signed on a Hollywood film along with a well-known Bollywood A-category actor which goes on floors in January 2015. The film is jointly produced by Weeping Shadow Films of Sussex, Great Britain and Gayatri Film Productions of Mumbai.  

The movie which will be shot at various locales like Scotland, Thailand and in southern parts of India including Kerala, Goa and Pondicherry, supposedly has excerpts of the Kamasutra entwined into its script and will have ample doses of steamy or bold scenes, which will be very aesthetically shot. A special fusion promo track that will have elements of Ballet, Bollywood, Salsa, Flamingo, Mujra, Tandav and Bellydance is under production. The promo sound track according to an report, will be of approximately 5 to 6 minutes and will have a disco feel to it. It will be picturized in the last week of January this year.  

Nobody from the production house Gayatri Film Productions was ready to go on record regarding the nude photographs. However a source said that the photographs were possibly part of a test shoot which were rejected by the director and found their way in the public domain.

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