You are at Troubles to Nani From His Wife For Lip Lock !!

Troubles to Nani From His Wife For Lip Lock !!

There is a preconceived notion among general public that Wives of Heroes were mostly insecure as they can't ignore the fact that their husband get a lot of attention from the female audience or fans. This proves to be true in the case of Hero Nani & his wife Anjana!..In an interview, Nani himself revealed that his wife Anjana is so sensitive and the lip-lock done by him in 'Aha Kalyanam' has irked him so much that he took the resolution of not to be part of physical intimacy any more.

"My wife walked out of the theatre during the lip-lock scene and she refused to watch rest of the movie. She is such a sensitive person. I didn't even knew how to manage the situation. I was worried more about her than the film's talk. Even my image took a beating as my wife's cousins given it thumbs down. It was then I made up my mind not to do them any more," he told.After all, Everyone can't be as lucky as Nagarjuna! No one would differ with this statement after coming across the matured answer given by Amala when questioned about Nag's Casanova tag in Open Heart with RK. That's one of the positives of having a life-partner who is very much part of the Film Industry.

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