You are at A Trbute to Ramanaidu By Hocky Players!

A Trbute to Ramanaidu By Hocky Players!

Hockey players tribute to Ramanaidu

A hockey player has remembered the help done by Ramanaidu to his life as he flies all the way from Kaulalampur, Malaysia to pay tributes to the legendary producer.

An unknown person weeping before Ramanaidu's photo was spotted by Daggubati family some time back. It was found that he happens to be a hockey player to whom Ramanaidu has given ₹ 9,000 for buying sports shoe and hockey gear when he got elected as Loksabha MP. This incident happened in Delhi and Ramanaidu has supported the education of the poor player too.

After hearing about Naidu's death on internet, the player came all the way to Hyderabad though he is playing a tournament at Malaysia, to pay tributes and visit the legend's home.

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