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Vijayendra Prasad and Rajamouli on Baahubali 6


In a recent interview, KV Vijayendra Prasad revealed 'Baahubali' franchise will continue till 6 part. In fact, He made these comments in the presence of his son SS Rajamouli.

Q) What Baahubali 3 is going to be like?

KV Vijayendra Prasad: "Baahubali 3 willn't going to be end of franchise. Expect Baahubali 4, 5 & 6 as well. I'm pretty sure about it!".

Rajamouli: "First of all, I don't want to reveal anything about Baahubali 3. You are asking me about 4, 5 & 6".

Q) Defects in Baahubali?

Rajamouli: "Dad has pointed out many. I agree with him regarding few and differs when it comes to others. He felt Kattappa's introduction wasn't that effective. Even I too agree with it! Conclusion of Love Story between Prabhas & Tamanna. I felt it would have been better if Sivudu realised that he has got something big to achieve in life after winning the love of Avanthika. If we had done that, the impact could have been more".

Q) Why you have different initials 'KV' & 'SS' despite being father & son.

Rajamouli: "Actually, Koduri is our Surname. KSS Rajamouli means Koduri Srisaila Sriraghava Rajamouli and its my full name. Koduri Viswa Vijayendra Prasad is Dad's full name".

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