You are at PK's second motion poster out Check out

PK's second motion poster out Check out

Exclusive: PK`s second motion poster out, watch it!

After creating a stampede like situation in grapevine by his full Monty act for the previous poster of PK, now Mr Perfectionist Aamir is her again to shell-shock everyone with the second motion poster of the movie. But this time Aamir has preferred to go decorous with an attire resembling Chorno & Kediyu (Gujrati Male Ensemble) and brass-wind instrument (French Horn) over his shoulders.

When last edition of PK's poster made it to virtual world it garnered a diverse range of opinions soon after its advent. Some loved it whereas some called it a limelight hogging gimmick to accumulate the cheap publicity. But in-spite of severe criticism Aamir remained unperturbed by this unsolicited disparagement and remained calm over the whole issue. But just a few days back he once again tickled the curiosity of the fans by saying that next poster of 'PK' won't even have a transistor to cover his essentials.

And now here is the first glimpse of that poster which Aamir was talking about.

Well after seeing this latest pictorial delight pertaining to 'PK' we are compelled to say that, certainly Mr Perfectionist Aamir is one such connoisseur of showbiz, who is adept enough in storming and taming the grapevine as per his will and wish. Great dexterity Mr Perfectionist!

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