You are at Director Teja Clash With Music Director!!

Director Teja Clash With Music Director!!

Director Teja & Music Director Kalyani Konduri have the guts to call a spade a spade on any day. So, There is going to be friction for sure if these two individuals team up for a project. That's what happened in the case of 'Hora Hori' as well!..Kalyani Konduri: "I felt Teja's working style quite uncomfortable. We even had few petty clashes while working for 'Hora Hori'. But, Teja is someone who have the knack of extracting the best from his technicians. I wish to do one more film with him. At the same time, I feel like 'we shouldn't work together again' whenever the clashes come to my mind".

The Composer claims songs of 'Hora Hori' are very refreshing and receiving a lot of appreciation calls ever since the audio got released. Mr.Konduri brushed aside the rumours of his role in MM Keeravani's background score. He clarifies nothing other than Sound Supervision would be done by him for Keeravani's films and his brother isn't in a pathetic state to seek his help

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