You are at Gopichand Loukyam Closing Collections List

Gopichand Loukyam Closing Collections List

Gopichand Loukyam Business closing details

What is actual meaning of the terms success and blockbuster. A film that is made of 35 to 40 crore collecting Rs 40 or 50 crore at box office cannot called a true blockbuster. A movie made of Rs 5 to 10 crore budget raking 20-25 crore can be eligibly called as a true blockbuster.If we taken the above calculations into account we can call Loukyam as a true blockbuster.Gopichand Loukyam is ending as one of the biggest blockbusters of 2014.
The Sriwass directorial which was made with shoestring budget collected Rs 20.98 Crores for full run worldwide. Though this is not an industry hit, we can respect it as a true blockbuster considering the low budget and high revenue generated.
Here is Loukyam shares area wise break up list:

 Area                         Collections (Shares)
Nizam                              Rs 7.32 Crores
Ceded                             Rs 3.05 Crores
Vizag                               Rs 2.15 Crores
Guntur                             Rs 1.74 Crores
Krishna                             Rs 1.21 Crores
East                                Rs 1.13 Crores
West                               Rs 0.94 Crores
Nellore                             Rs 0.63 Crores
Total                                Rs 18.17 Crores (Only AP and Telangana)
Karnataka                         Rs 1.73 Crores
Rest Of India                     Rs 0.25 Crores
Overseas                           Rs 0.83 Crores
Total(Worldwide)               Rs 20.98 Crores

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