You are at Renu Desai Sharing Her Views On Honking!!

Renu Desai Sharing Her Views On Honking!!

In India, People assume honking is the solution for reaching their destination in quick time. This kind of mindset eventually causes great level of inconvenience to the fellow riders.Sharing her views on the irritating practice in the country, Renu Desai suggests: "The only way ppl will stop honking unnecessarily in India is, if the horn button is attached to petrol tank & the fuel gets used up faster".

Things will certainly improve if Indian Government implements such the new rule advised by Renu or even if fines were imposed on the honkers. Why not give it a try?...Off late, The former actress has been spending 10 mins for Tweeting and 20 mins for blocking handles for unsolicited advices & comments she receives on daily basis. She herself confessed it on her Twitter page.

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