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Policeman resuces Ashish Vidyarthi from drowning

It’s really a good day for character artist cum villain Ashish vidyarthi. Actor Ashish Vidyarthi who known for her roles in several telugu films suffered a mishap on the sets of his film 'Bollywood Diary'.

The mishap took place when the actor was doing a scene with his on-screen son in the river. As per the script, the duo was to take a dip in the river and then pray.

He started drowning when he was about to take a dip in the river . The river flow increased due to flood water and he was swept away a few meters away from the spot.

The onlookers  including the crew and the director Krishna Rav realized the gravity of the situation and shouted for help. On seeing, the actor's plight, constable Vikash Singh, who was present on the site, jumped into the river and pulled Vidyarthi out.

Actor Manoj Bajpai tweeted about the incident,  "My friend Ashish Vidyarthi got saved from drowning in a river by a policeman. Salute to the policeman. Ashish is trying to come to terms with."

Ashish recently appeared in Mahesh Agadu film and he played Gay role in the film.

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