You are at Shocker : Sunny Leone Calls for "#Respect Women" !...

Shocker : Sunny Leone Calls for "#Respect Women" !!


After getting to see some heavy dosed statements from female celebrities about the women empowerment and freedom, now its the turn of a Porn Star to deliver a message to Indians. Sunny Leone, the former porn actress has released a new video and named it as the "Wardrobe Malfunction of Sunny Leone."

But, if you click the video and try to watch it, you'll be left with a message from Sunny Leone and not any obscene stuff. "Don't be an April fool, start looking at women differently. Respect women," says Sunny in this promotional video. Most of us might get disappointed and feel deceived, but the message is sound and clear.

On the other hand, many feel that the actress is not even qualified to give a message about women. "A porn actress who degraded the women with her unnatural acts wants us to look her differently. After earning so much from her shameful career, she is giving gyaan to Indians now. She is nothing but a disgrace to the female community. We know whom to respect and whom not to," said a Bollywood fan!

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