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Vinayak Returns Remuneration


Director Vinayak has proved that he always cares about the well-being of his investors and buyers. Since his recent movie Akhil starring Akhil Akkineni failed to attract audiences and the distributors have incurred losses, he readily agreed to compensate them. Not only that he has given the amount of Rs 4 Cr for the compensation, he also assured the distributors that he would always be there for them.

Apart from being senior director, Vinayak is also successful exhibitor and knows in and out of the film business. While Akhil Akkineni was not asked to pay back since he was not paid much as remuneration for the movie as it was his debut movie, Vinayak returned nearly Rs 4 Cr from his remuneration setting a new trend.
The director is being appreciated by the industry biggies for his magnanimous nature.

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