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Amala Paul on Defence Lawyers!

Amala Paul

The whole country is shocked and appalled at the audacity of the defense lawyers ML Sharma and AK Singh after their remarks came to light following the airing of now controversial BBC documentary India's Daughter based on the Nirbhaya rape incident.

Naturally, women across the country are totally outraged and are demanding that they be debarred from practicing law.

Given that they are constantly under media glare and are subject to lewd remarks day in and day out, the heroines too have been reacting strongly to these remarks.

Amala Paul tweeted that someone must dig into the lawyers' past and see if there are any hidden skeletons. She further added that it's a shame and that the lawyers are no less than rapists themselves.

The defense lawyers are defending the four accused in the brutal gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old student in December 2012.

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