You are at Priyamani : I ll Reveal about My Boyfriend!

Priyamani : I ll Reveal about My Boyfriend!

Dusky beauty Priyamani is not having much of cinema going on, as offers drained due to her poor selection of some flop scripts. Despite doing some hot attempts in bikinis and lip-locks, she failed to grab attention. However, she hogged the spotlight due to some news about her possible affair.

Condemning that actor Govind Padmasoorya is not the one she is dating, Priyamani stated that this Govind is just a co-star on a dance reality show. “As I’ve uploaded seflies of me and Govind, people started writing that we’re into affair. But that’s not true”, Priyamani says. Maintaining that he is just a good friend, she has actually slipped about another interesting point. “When the time is right, I’ll reveal about my boy friend. It is not surely Govind”, she added, spilling beans about her love affair.

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