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Kona Venkat Comments On Reivews!!

Kona Venkat hits back at Critics

Critics have given thumbs down to Ram and Rakul Preet Singh starrer 'Pandaga Chesko' which released last weekend. The common opinion expressed is the fact that 'Pandaga Chesko' having the 'Ready' template which was used in several films in the past 7 years. Hero uniting Family, Brahmi as Bakra and Climax in Villain's House - This is what we have been seeing in most occasions if Kona Venkat & Gopi Mohan work for a commercial entertainer.

Kona Venkat gave a fitting reply to reviewers in his style: "Today (Monday) PANDAGA CHESKO morning shows in 16 theatres in Visakhapattanam are HOUSE FULLS !! I hope this is not routine," he comments.'Pandaga Chesko' received better openings than Ram's past three releases. May be, This factor prompted Kona Venkat to raise his voice. However, Achieving a break-even isn't going to be a cake walk especially with poor reviews. The revenues have to remain steady for at least one week from now to claim victory.

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