You are at Ravi Babu Says He is a Safe Bet Director!

Ravi Babu Says He is a Safe Bet Director!

My producers don’t lose money –Creative Director

Creative director is the tag only few people like Krishna Vamsi and Sukumar could proudly claim. For the kind of content they spill on silver screen with their intellectual brains, audiences need to hold breath every single second to catch the detail. And this ‘creative’ family is not complete until we add Ravi Babu to it.

As he comes up second edition of horror, much hyped ‘Avunu 2’ that is going to hit screens soon, Ravibabu shared interesting stuff. “My producers don’t lose money because I make films with more feasibility. Taking 2-3 months for pre-production allows me to carve shoots in just 1 month or so”, he says, revealing the secret behind hi success. His previous outing Laddu Babu was a flop but ‘Avunu’ was a hit as the director is expecting similar hit again. Not just producer, let’s hope distributors too doesn’t lose money this time.

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