You are at Rare Gift Of ‪‎PawanKalyan ‬For All His Fans!

Rare Gift Of ‪‎PawanKalyan ‬For All His Fans!

Pawan Kalyan's THREE Language Signatures!
How many of you were able to receive the autograph of Pawan Kalyan? One Person received signatures of the Iconic Actor in three languages and that what makes Editor Ajay Brahmatmaj feel so special.

Yesterday, Ajay Brahmatmaj revealed he got a special gift from Pawan Kalyan. He even promised to share the photograph of it to the fans within a day. Keeping his promise, The Film Editor posted a picture of page on which Pawan's signature could be found in Hindi, English and Telugu with the message 'With Love'.

As of now, No one is aware of why PK responded in such an affectionate manner. May be, Ajay Brahmatmaj himself had to share the untold secret.

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