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Balayya speaks about 100th Film - Mokshagna debut

Nandamuri Balakrishna declares the director of his 100th film is not yet finalized. He also reveals having high hopes on the potential of Mokshagna as an actor.

On the rumors that Rajamouli or Shankar will direct his 100th film: "Neither did I approach anyone for asking them to make films with me nor I have plans to change that in future. I have signed films whenever Directors and Producers approached me with a good scripts. There were several proposals like 100th films has to be mythological or a sequel to Aditya 369. But, I am yet to take a final call. Frankly, I am not planning for it right now as I am still doing my 98th film and then there in 99th".

On why he isn't hiking his remuneration despite being the only hero of his generation with a Rs 50 crore grosser: "I never think about remuneration. Any producer wants to make a good film and make some money from it. So, Ensuring that Producer is in safe zone is the top priority. If he is in good position he will be producing more films and it would help many people".

Mokshagna's Film Debut: "Mokshagna is passionate about films. He is currently pursuing Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) in USA. He will be making his debut as hero with in 2 to 2-and-a-half years. I have lot of expectations on him".

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