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Ajith Avoids Middle Finger Contreversy

Kollywood 'Thala' Ajith is always called as perfect gentleman by his fans. Here is another instance which can prove the point. Being a responsible citizen Ajith has casted his vote in yesterday’s assembly elections. Ajith along with his family visited polling booth at Kuppam Beach road.

It was common practice for everyone get their index finger inked after casting a vote. But mistakenly Ajith was inked at his middle finger. While coming out of the booth scribes have asked him for a pose. Since showing middle finger is inappropriate, Ajith showed his entire hand. The picture goes viral on web and some anti fans have targeted the actor for getting inked in the wrong finger.

Twitter war began between the two fan groups and obviously it was Ajith who received most of the support. Many opined that Ajith displayed great sense of presence of mind and avoided showing the inked middle finger. Back in 2013 some Bollywood stars showed their middle finger after casting their vote.

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