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Nikhil takes on Babu iPhone Scheme !


At the times when all the legislative members of AP assembly are gifted with expensive iPhones by the government itself and when this inane act invited severe flak from all corners, a young actor too has raised his voice against the ridiculously pompous show. He is none other than Nikhil, the Tollywood's latest hat-trick hero.

Condemning this show of might, Nikhil said, 'We the tax paying ppl have paid over 1crore for shiny new iphone 6 for lawmakers.. wow.. how abt education for kids?' The actor went on to say, 'When a state is in 17,500 cr debt, splurging on iphone6 by govt doesnt make sense..We Need to build a state frm start nd we need every Rupee' (sic).

While it is heartening to see a film star joining the common public in voicing against the ridiculous policies being implemented by the governments, the commoners can only wish that the decision makers will put an end to their unjust actions and work towards the welfare of the state.

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