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Govindudu Andarivaadele Censor Cuts

Censor Certificate:  U/A (Unrestricted Public Exhibition-But With Parental Guidance)
Certified by Regional Office: HYDERABAD
Certificate Number: DIL/2/92/2014-HYD
Certificate Date: 29/09/2014
Certified Duration: 159:40 MM:SS
Name of Producer: B.Ganesh, Parameshwara Arts Productions

Cuts and Changes

1. Submit NOC from AWBI(Animal Welfare Board of India) or delete all performing animal visuals (submitted).

2. a) Deleted the visuals of brand label on liquor bottle in Reel. 1 & 2 (twice) in reel 10 (when Srikanth is sitting on steps and drinking).

b) Display statutory warning on smoking when Srikanth is smoking. 2(vi),2(v)

3. Delete/muted the dialogues ‘pichinakodaka, dobbinchuko, neeyamma, neeyayya, neeyabba, gokuthunnadu, gokaadu, deenamma, no screw, screw driver.

4. a) Delete the visuals of back nude posture of heroine while the hero removes her blouse button (9 Sec)

b) Delete the visuals of back nudity while Srikanth tries to rape Chitra (5 Sec)

c) Delete the visuals of thigh exposure of heroine while sitting cross legged in song Ra Ra Rajakumara (replaced with approved shots...same duration) (7 Sec)

d) Delete the visuals of heroine’s breast hitting the hero (two shots) (replaced with approved shots...same duration) (6 Sec).

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