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Who'll be next star in Chiru clan?

After roaring success of Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun and Ram Charan, now all eyes are set on two nephews of Chiranjeevi- Sai Dharam Tej and Varun Tej- sons of Chiru sister and brother respectively. Although, Sai has early beginning 'Rey' with star filmmaker YVS Choudary and a big launch but it stuck in cans due to over budgeting and even an injury to Sai has affected its production.

Even uncle Pawan's moral and financial support could help things and Sai would be pinning hopes that destiny would favour him, if film gets releases and rocks. Whereas, Varun teja had a smooth-sailing launch as well as its progressing briskly and 'Mukunda' looks to be a promising stuff from director Srikant Addala, who has two hits under his belt. 

No doubt, both are good looking, and are good dancing and action sequences but if Varun's film comes in early, then it could affect Sai's prospects, since industry bigwigs are superstitious and could run behind Varun and leave out Sai. However, industry source claims that Sai next film with director Ravikumar Choudury has enough potential to rock box office. For Chiranjeevi both nephews are like his sons' but lets see, whom the audience would crown 'next star' of Chiru clan- Sai or Varun. 

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