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I Own Copy Rights of my Songs


Maestro Illayaraja who known for his masterpiece composes ordered the FM channels and other media to stay away from using his composes.

The composer issued a statement to media and said that he holds the rights to all of his songs and it is illegal to play his songs over FM, television channels without his permission.He also asked not to upload his music on video sharing sites.

Ilayaraja says television channels and radio stations needs to pay him for playing his songs..

“I hold the rights to all my songs. The FM channels and others have to buy the rights from me. . Those interested to play my songs should buy the rights from me. I will share the profits with producers, singers and lyricists," he said.

The composer said that those who want the rights must approach him or the Producers' Council.The statement of Ilayaraja came a day after he securing a court order against five audio recording companies from making and selling his compositions,

The veteran musician has composed music for about 4500 songs since 1970 and many of them were chartbusters.

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