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Pawan kalyan in Karthika Maasa deeksha


By now the story became Pawan Kalyan's white shirt and dhoti became hugely popular. As our actor-politician is busy with 'Sardaar' shooting, who would expect him to observe the Kartika Maasa Vratam? That's why Pawan is a different man altogether, as he started following the rituals and customs of Karthika Maasam.

While on his way to meet AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, we hear that Pawan went to Lord Shiva temple early in the morning and performed his rituals. In this season, devotees are likely to eat only one time in a day and strictly follows many customs. With Pawan taking up this Karthika Maasa Samaradhana, we get a doubt, what for he's practicing this. Did he took this 30 day deeksha to find inner Peace or to pray for well-being of people? With Pawan being a generous persons, we have to say that he's fasting and praying for the well being of all in this auspicious month.

In the mean time, unit members of Sardaar reveal us that Pawan's customs, principles and good habits are also reflecting on his team, as many undertook Karthika Maasa deeksha now.

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