You are at Rowdy Fellow doing Great At Box Office!

Rowdy Fellow doing Great At Box Office!

Rowdy Fellow’ Amassing Brilliant Numbers

Reviews are always a shocker for certain movies, so is the first day talk. Opened to public on last Friday, Nara Rohit’s latest movie ‘Rowdy Fellow’ expressed sour comments on day one, but the tides have changed in favour now. As we look at trade reports, brilliant numbers are being amassed by this slick cop flick set in Kolleru drop.

Directed by newcomer Krishna Chaitanya, Rowdy Fellow received mixed-talk on first day, as some whipped the flick with criticism while others enjoyed the passion and technical brilliance visible in all frames of the movie. Beating all these odds, Rowdy Fellow started picking up in B & C centres from Monday morning shocks. Weekend figures might look bleak, but thanks to positive word of mouth, as morning shows on Monday portrayed a mind blowing improvement. Good films need time, and with time they prove their worth.

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