You are at Renu Desai: Pawan Kalyan Is My Best Friend!!

Renu Desai: Pawan Kalyan Is My Best Friend!!

Actress turned filmmaker Renu Desai opened up about her personal equation with her ex-husband Pawan Kalyan in a tell all video interview. Renu Desai said that even though divorce separated her from Pawan, she is still good friends with him.

Renu Desai said that Pawan is a good friend to her and a good father to their children and that he regularly visits Pune to spend time with her and the kids.In a counter to the online trolls who target her constantly, Renu Desai said she tweets about Pawan as a friend and that no one should have a problem when Pawan himself isn't bothered about her tweets.

Watch: Renu Desai Exclusive Candid Interview About Pawan Kalyan

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