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Swathi writes poetry to deal with rumors

Swathi writes poetry to deal with rumors
Dealing with rumors is part and parcel of an actor's life but keeping a sane head in the face of constant rumor mongering can be a difficlut job. Different actors have different ways of dealing with gossips about them. Actress Swathi writes poetry. Yes. The actress posted a poem she wrote on her Facebook page and dedicated it to all her friends in the film industry.

"I wrote this poem last night and dedicate it to all my friends in the industry who have to survive constant scrutiny and judgment. Yes, it's our job, but everyone has a bad day, that's when we need to find inspiration from within. I am sure many of you will relate to this, which ever field you are from. #bestrong," posted Swathi along with the poem listed below.

Some eyes just see your weakness, And their lips spread ugly lies. They use their large, large wings, They use them to fly fast and high.

That's when you call out to truth, Your slow poke friend, who is behind. You urge truth not be a shadow, But please come out and shine.

Testing and teasing, Truth takes a while. A schedule it follows, in it's own sweet time.

Truth is a naughty fellow, it will sneak up from behind, Boy! it's got it's timing, And, the timing is wickedly divine.

When youire reduced to rumors, When it's their job to hurt your pride, Be like the lotus in a murky pond, Rise above the filth, And keep your identity alive.

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