You are at RGV's invitation to Film Federation Employees

RGV's invitation to Film Federation Employees

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma invited AP Film Federation Employees to his film set to explain how to use technology to better their lives. Here is what he said on his Twitter account.

Federation strike threats and demands are nothing but insulting technology and its usage and they are harmful to advancement of cinema. Federation is a villain for poor producers and directors who are trying to bring in a new advancement of cinema. Federation should understand that workers are needed to make films but films are not made for workers. Federation should also understand that whatever money the poor producers lose actually goes into the pockets of the federation members. Karimnagar or any other film industry in Telangana will suffer at the hands of the Federation because they don't understand.

If Rs1250 is federation Union rate per make up man and if a poor producer can get non Union make up man for Rs 250 what's wrong? Federation members should understand modern day film technologies and should also understand how their misinformed leaders are misleading them.Right now in this strike am shooting without any federation union members and doing at 1/10th cost with non members who are doing a better job.

Federations only intention in Layman's terms seems as if they want to loot the producer from him using his legitimate legal rights. Federations another intention is to stop more talented people coming in who will work for lesser rates for producers and that's dictatorial. I request federation workers to understand realities and also understand their leaders misunderstandings. Federation should understand that the foremost most important thing for the industry is the producers financial health.

America became America because of Aynrandian thinking and Russia became Roosia because of federation thinking. Am shooting at 25, HUDA layout, second left Andhra Jyothi...I invite Union members 2 tell them about their leaders misinformations..pls come. I only want to invite and talk to federation workers because I respect them but I don't respect their leaders because they mislead workers. I want to explain the federation workers in a private meeting without their leaders how the new technology will benefit them more.

I don't want the leaders in workers meeting because the leaders don't care about workers in same way as politicians not caring about voters. I invite federation workers for meeting at shooting location but not their leaders..workers I deal in love and leaders I will deal in legal.

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