You are at Pawan-Trivikram Kids Are Good Friends!!

Pawan-Trivikram Kids Are Good Friends!!

Heavy security blanket for Jr Powerstar

Few Star Kids do require a round the clock security cover and Akira Nandan is one of them owing to the enormous popularity/craze his father Pawan Kalyan enjoys. Especially, The actor himself felt the need to guard his son 24*7 after his political entry. It only shows how much he cares for his Children even after getting divorced with Renu Desai whom he dated for years and tied the knot in 2009.

Insiders say, Heavy security blanket has been in place for Akira Nandan. At least four bouncers will accompany him every time he steps out of his house and this rule can't be broken what-so-ever.Another interesting news is the bonding of Akira Nandan with the Son of ace filmmaker Trivikram Srinivas. Just alike their fathers, These two kids are good friends and they love spending time in each other's company.

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