You are at Bruce Lee 100 Days Poster for Biggest Disaster

Bruce Lee 100 Days Poster for Biggest Disaster

When every movie is running for recovery of its own budget and its potential is measured in crores for each day, it's more like funny to see a few disaster movies claiming 100 days run in one or two theatres.

Here comes combined superflop of Ram Charan and Srinu Vaitla, Bruce lee celebrating 100 days in one theatre in Yemigannur. Bruce Lee was declared an instant flop and Ram Charan too did not talk about it later. But a few enthusiatic fans are claiming its century day run, making more fun of it unknowingly.

With this crazy feat, looks like Ram Charan's fans are trying to prove their supremacy over Balakrishna's fans by countering Balayya's Legend's 400 day run and the grand celebrations that followed in Yemigannur.

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