You are at Heroine Adah Sharma Recent interview !!

Heroine Adah Sharma Recent interview !!

Bunny's Heroine addicted to Spiders & Insects

Here is the story of a Cute Beauty with a weird habit! Yes, The discussion is regarding the 'Heart Attack' Babe..Adah Sharma has got the habit of taking pictures of spiders and insects. Even the last picture shot by her has been that of a spider on the cupboard. She willn't leave there, but put filters and edits the scans for hours.In a recent interview to You & I Magazine, Adah was quizzed what would be her choice if she had to keep only five possessions. She started with her Mother, then her Mobile, Sneakers, Set-Top Box and last but not the lease Unlimited Water.These days, Adah Sharma has been spending most of her free time either by painting, having fun on twitter and experimentation with new Apps. She even loves watching good movies, dancing and spending time with close friends.

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