You are at Sardaar Gabbar Singh 1st Weekend Collections

Sardaar Gabbar Singh 1st Weekend Collections

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Collections List!

'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' collected a gross of Rs 61.16 crore and share of Rs 40.45 crore by the end of first weekend. After a phenomenal opening day, The film crashed at the Box Office and even the revenues on Saturday & Sunday weren't impressive, considering the ultra high rates the rights have been sold out. Mostly, Distributors and Exhibitors outside Telugu States will be loses huge amount.

A full-run share of anywhere below Rs 61 crore would make 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' a disaster. As per the current trend, Even Rs 50 crore seems to be a tough task and this high-budget venture could end up as one of the biggest disasters of TFI.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh 1st Weekend Collections:
Nizam8.60 crore
Ceeded6.05 crore
Vizag3.23 crore
Guntur3.16 crore
Krishna2.28 crore
East3.03 crore
West3.21 crore
Nellore1.19 crore

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