You are at Aagadu Producer : No impact of Reviews on Aagadu

Aagadu Producer : No impact of Reviews on Aagadu

'Aagadu' opened to mixed talk all over the World on Day 1. Inspite of the bad word of mouth, This Mass Entertainer is set the cash registers ringing just because of Mahesh Babu-Srinu Vytla combo and record release.

Based on the Box Office returns on first day, Producer Anil Sunkara commented, "Reviews are personal. We cannot and should not comment on them. How ever telugu film lovers know WHAT TO SEE WHAT NOT TO SEE. Inspite of mixed reviews overseas extra shows are getting added even now."

A day before the release, Srinu Vytla himself admitted Reviews do play a crucial role in the Box Office collections especially in Overseas and Cities.

Who is right? Anil Sunkara or Srinu Vytla? Anil Sunkara might agree the fact from Monday itself. Let's wait and watch!

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