You are at Baahubali is a Big Disaster There!!

Baahubali is a Big Disaster There!!

Rajamouli's visual wonder Baahubali is not a juggernaut anymore as it falls flat on face in its last release in Germany. Baahubali turned out to be a grand success everywhere it went and was expected to make wonders in German release too.

A Hollywood editor made some necessary edits to Baahubali to suit abroad release and the German distributors 'Splendid films' released it as 'Ich Bin Baahubali' on April 28th, which collected just 4,166 Euros (Not more than 3.2 lakh rupees) in its first week. The distributors expected it rule the box office for few weeks to make the money rain, like it did in other countries. But German audiences judgement says otherwise.

Many Indian films have been doing well at German box office and that made the distributors go for a huge bid on biggest hit in India, that finally looks inevitable for them to fall in great loss.

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