You are at Pic Talk: Poonam Pandey Relaxing In Wet Bikni

Pic Talk: Poonam Pandey Relaxing In Wet Bikni

Poonam Pandey
If not Vidya Balan for "Dirty Picture", then we have this dirty lady Poonam Pandey who is famous for her twitter shares. She holds distinction for going quite raunchy on the social network in terms of the gross pictures she shoots for her fans sake. Other day Poonam shared a picture where she is seen dipping in a pool.

Also she shared that her body is going quite a stress due to this early morning bikini shoot. She is said to be shooting for a brand and going into short and skimpy outfits is her favourite pastime for sure.

In a way, it looks like she's cooling off in the pool but actually she is heating up the steam all around.

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