You are at Vikram's 'I' : Costliest Audio Launch

Vikram's 'I' : Costliest Audio Launch

7 Crore Budget For Audio Launch?

What you can't imagine is spending a lavish account, as big as a small-movie's budget, for just an audio function. But director Shankar is the man behind such sumptuous decisions as he fixed his mind to spend an astronomical 7 crores for music launch of his forthcoming release 'Manoharudu'.

Already trade circles dropped their jaws after they came to know that 'Manohardu' was carved with a staggering budget of 180 crores. Being a visual effects wonder, a marvel from versatile actor Vikram and the presence of magician Shankar have convinced many that Indian cinemas will leap heights with this flick. To take such a magnum opus into audiences, the start should be astounding, and hence Shankar's producer Ascar Ravichandran made his mind to dole out 7 crore rupees.

Already this function achieved that grandness as Hollywood Superstar Arnold Schwargnegger will attend it. Reports have that other biggies like Rajnikanth will also make it to the event. And with such a colossal sum being shelled, undoubtedly 'Manoharudu' will get a spectacular start. Oscar winner AR Rahman scored music for the flick.

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