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RGV Calls it is dumb to Offer prayers to Terror Victims


In what should be called as a sensational voice ever raised against the concept of God, whether Hindu or Muslim, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has unleashed his fury on the whole religions systems, through his official twitter account.

Calling that terrorists have much great belief in God than all common people (he called the dumbos) who just pray from safe distance, RGV articulated, "if at all God was there wouldn't he have stopped the attacks in the first place?". He felt dumb to offer prayers for terror victims.

Talking straight about the religious nature of the attack, he said: "I think better pray to Allah to stop these terror atrocities as all the other Gods seem completely incompetent to stop this barbarism. Instead of just diplomats running around isn't it wise for Jesus and Balaji also to meet Allah once to sort out the differences?" Ramu feels that these attacks are a rude reminder that Terror can sneak up from anywhere and anytime to surprise us.

The talented director feels that teaching Quran to terrorists as some politicians and celebs are doing on twitter is like teaching a fish to swim "Celebs Instead of quoting simplistic lines from Quran shud understand what is it in Quran that the terrorists seem to so unshakeably believe. Something is drastically wrong with concept of God if we are praying for the victims to be saved and the terrorists are praying to kill them" (sic), posted Ram Gopal Varma.

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